Rachel and Ryan | Married!


Rachel and Ryan were friends in college for many months before they made it official and once they did, they knew they were it for one another. One day, they would get married!

Three years later, Ryan took Rachel to the top of Preacher’s Rock to propose. The little mountain town of Dahlonega had become very special to them. They attended school there, met there and started dating there. But, college had come to a close and graduation was right around the corner. As they closed the chapter on this stage of life they began a new one when Ryan got down on one knee! Preacher’s Rock was the spot where Ryan had originally intended on asking Rachel to be his girlfriend three years prior. He felt nervous and ended up asking her a week later. He later admitted to Rachel that he meant to ask her on top of the beautiful mountain. When he proposed, he took her back to the very same spot on Preacher’s Rock and said he wasn’t going to “chicken out” this time. Rachel said it was perfect and so very sweet!

The two picked The Walters Barn as the setting to their start to forever as the barn atmosphere and the North Georgia mountains had become a big part of their story. They wanted a simple, southern and fun wedding day!

Rachel and Ryan held hands across a wall, without seeing one another, and read their personal and heartfelt vows to each other before the ceremony. It was quiet and such a beautiful moment. Their vows included fun memories from the past and promises for the future.

They danced the night away at their reception with their close friends. Rachel said their wedding day was everything they had hoped it would be. It was such an honor to capture this beautiful couple and their story!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McMahon! I can’t wait to see where this new chapter of life takes you!

Huge thanks to their talented team of vendors!

Second Shooter: Sarah Colombo
Venue: The Walters Barn
Planner: Allison Dolph with Soirées Southern Events
Florist: Soirées Southern Events
Hair and Makeup: Make Me Up
DJ: NDL Entertainment
Cake: Sugartopia
Catering: Luna’s Restaurant
Minister: Steve Pette


Kelsey & Blake | Married!


Kelsey and Blake met at a New Year's Eve Party, where they shared a short exchange (as well as a phone number exchange!) Blake was immediately taken with Kelsey and contacted her shortly after they met! 

They dated for a couple of years and when the moment came to propose, it was moment that wasn't planned but beautiful in every way because Blake said it just felt so right. He said he just couldn't wait any longer.  He had booked a cabin for her birthday and they were sitting outside on the balcony overlooking the river. Kelsey went inside to get ready for dinner and when she came back outside, Blake took her by the hand and got down on one knee. She said it was the most perfect and simple moment. 

Their wedding day was exactly that, perfect and simple. They got ready at a hotel overlooking the beautiful Chattahoochee river outside in the quiet town of Columbus, Georgia. Blake had his best friend by his side and Kelsey had her best friend by her side. Kelsey spent her morning rooting on the dawgs and spending time with her mom. Their short and sweet ceremony took place in Kelsey and Blake's backyard surrounded by only their closest friends and family members. 

Their couple portraits took place in their very own front yard. What special memories to have in your home and beautiful way to start your life together! 

Kelsey and Blake were surrounded by so much love and support by their parents. Kelsey's mom, Karen, is the owner of Marie's Italian Deli in Cumming, GA (one of my favorite local spots). You're always met with a hug and a smile when Karen sees you. Karen's positive attitude, attention to detail, and strong work ethic were no different when it came to making sure her daughter had the best wedding day ever. Everything her parents do is done with a lot of love. 

After the ceremony, Kelsey and Blake's parents embraced in the biggest "In-Law" hug I've ever seen! It was a beautiful "we are family now" moment. 

Kelsey and Blake have a love that is silly and romantic. Their first dance at their wedding was just as much "them" as their couple portraits were. Always So. Many. Laughs. I loved it! I have no doubt their life and their home will always be filed with a lot of love and laughter. 

Kelsey's maiden name is Smith and Blake's last name is Smith, so....no name change for her! I'm so glad these two had their perfect wedding day! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Smith and great job to everyone who worked to make it so special! 

Catering: Jamie Keating with JK Culinary
Florist: Kim Nelson with Bloomwoods Florist and Events
Hair and Makeup: Emily Cummings with Becoming Emily
Rentals: Outdoor Events
DJ: Kenny Lewis with Kenny Lewis Productions
Dress: Lulus



Casey & Austin | Married!


Casey and Austin both attended the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, a beautiful campus set in the middle of surrounding mountains and the cutest downtown square. Casey was an RA (Resident's Assistance) of one of the dorms on campus and Austin lived on her hall. One evening, in the common room of the dorm, they were having craft night. Austin asked to join in on the fun and he sat with them for awhile. After everyone went to bed, Austin sent Casey a text message admitting that she was the reason he visited the common room that evening. He asked her to coffee and they met up the very next day and have been dating ever since!

When Austin proposed, he got Casey's very best friend involved. He had her pick up Casey and bring her to a little garden in the Dahlonega Square, a spot where Casey and Austin frequently visited together. This time, when Casey arrived to the quaint garden, Austin was there, reached out for her hand and led her to the fountain where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.  Afterwards, they went to the very first Starbucks they visited on their first date! 

Their wedding day took place in the very same town at a beautiful venue with southern charm and rustic beauty.  Their gorgeous brunch wedding was perfect for them! They shared an emotional first look tucked away in a small garden and string lights. Casey's bridal portraits were taken in quite/peaceful moments on the front porch only an early Saturday morning could provide. Her mom had tears in her eyes after her daughter was done putting on that beautiful wedding dress. Chef Cary's Cuisine cooked up a beautiful breakfast for all of their guests. 

Casey and Austin, I'm so glad your wedding day was everything you dreamed and more! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sanders!! 

Their Wonderful Vendors
Second Shooter: Hannah G
Venue: Waters Mill
Videographer: Bentley Media
Catering: Chef Cary's Cuisine
Florist: Lauren's Florals
DJ: The TC Show


Kim & Hamish | Engaged! | Ponce City Market and Jackson Street Bridge


Kim and Hamish actually met twice, and it all started with a flower. At least, that's Kim's side of the story... In December 2015, both the Nogis (Kim's family) and the Millers (Hamish's family) chose to celebrate Christmas in Hawaii. On a beautiful and breezy night in Waikiki, the Nogis were enjoying dinner at the beautiful House Without a Key restaurant when Kim and Alli left the table to take a picture of the gorgeous sunset behind Diamond Head. Hamish and his family had the same idea, and he actually photobombed Kim's picture while coordinating his own family's photo op. Kim offered to take their picture, and then the two chatted for nearly 10 minutes before Kim's sister, Alli, dragged Kim away, reminding her that their dinner was getting cold. The two went their separate ways.

The day after Christmas, both families boarded a 7-day Hawaiian cruise. Three days into the voyage, the Nogis went on a hike in Volcanoes National Park (The Big Island), and Kim's mom was on a quest to find Naupaka, a native flower rooted in Hawaiian folklore. (Supposedly, if you prayed to the flower, you would be rewarded with good fortune in love.) Luckily, they found the flower, and Kim dropped to her knees and offered a prayer to the Hawaiian gods. That evening, Kim and Alli went for a pre-dinner drink at an outdoor bar on the ship. Hamish and his family were enjoying happy hour on the other side of the bar, and Hamish's sister, Sarah, nudged him and said, "Hey! Isn't that the girl who took our photo the other night?" Hamish sauntered up to the bar and tapped Kim on the shoulder. The two picked up where they'd left off days earlier and spent the rest of the trip together. They became email pen pals, started talking on FaceTime audio, then began a string of global visits... and now they're ready to tie the knot!

Hamish proposed to Kim on Boxing Day in 2017, during a beautiful hike in Cradle Mountain (Tasmania, Australia). What was supposed to be a casual hour and a half hike turned into more than five hours, 28,000 steps, 304 floors climbed, and 12 miles in total (according to their FitBits). He was sweet and hiked the entire way with a special bottle of wine Kim gave to him during her first visit to Australia and told him to save it for a special occasion. Hamish knew just the occasion for this special bottle. 

This beautiful couple lives in Atlanta together so their downtown engagement session was a perfect fit for them. They included bottles of wine from the Millers vineyard in Australia as well as fun items from Hawaii, where it all began for them!

Hamish is Australian and Kim's family is American. Since Hawaii is so sentimental to them and (duh, absolutely beautiful) they have decided to tie the knot in paradise on March 3, 2019! It's the perfect distance for both families to travel as well. How amazing! 

This couple is fun, genuine, elegant, playful, romantic and so down to earth.  It was an absolute JOY to tell this part of their story together. Kim and Hamish were in the bridal party of the wedding I shot the weekend before their engagement session so it was so fun to meet and hang out with them before it was their turn to be in front of the camera! I'm so lucky to have met these two!

Congratulations Kim and Hamish or "mau hoohiwahiwa" as they say in Hawaii! 


Allison and Andrew's Elegant Wedding at The Wimbish House


During Allison and Andrew's engagement session this past fall, I'd catch these two twirling, playing, spinning, and dancing when I would put my camera down to change a lens. I would quickly put my camera back up to catch those candid moments, which I knew were important to the two of them.  Because of that, photographing them was so effortless and I KNEW their wedding would be full of beautiful dances, but wow it exceeded every expectation I may have had. I captured all those moments during the reception, but let me say....I'm glad these two had videographers as well! I’m excited that I can go back and watch those dances! The evening was filled when beautiful foxtrots, ballroom dancing, and so much more. Allison's dad, Steve even took lessons and the two of them performed a choreographed dance to the epilogue of La La Land. Yes, it was epic and all of the guests did a standing ovation for them!  Allison and Andrew's first dance was very elegant and so fluid. This family is to talented.

When Allison and Andrew trusted me to be a part of their big day, they described their June 2018 Wimbish House wedding as elegant, warm and classic which is just so perfect because it's exactly what I saw while spending time with them during their engagement session. They also chose the Wimbish house for it's great dance floor!

A few days before the wedding, Allison and Andrew told me that among some of the most important moments to them were their first dance together and to capture the love and warmth of the day. It stood out to me that they described a "feeling" that they wanted documented. I love it. I can understand now as their family is just that....loving and warm. It's easy to see that they both grew up in such loving families and Allison and Andrew's life together will be no different.

Not only did Allison's dad, Steve, take dance classes but he buried a bottle of bourbon at the wedding venue for good luck and no rain. He also brewed his own beer for all to enjoy (even me!) All of the labels were personalized to the wedding, one being a picture that I took from their engagement session, how neat! Allison's dad was even with her when she went dress shopping! He had helped her pick the dress and their first look was so special. It was heartfelt, emotional and very beautiful. Steve gave me a hug at the end of the night and jokingly said, so you and your husband are coming over for Thanksgiving, yes?! He said he felt like I was already part of the family and his acceptance and sweet heart meant so much to me. Allison included many heirloom pieces into her day. Her hairpiece was made up of delicate wax flowers that her grandmother had once wore. She also wore a beautiful ring from her grandmother. Allison and Andrew also gave a beautiful tribute to those who there only in heart along with many pictures of past wedding photos. Those past wedding photos of other couples in the family were beautifully displayed on a fireplace for their guests to enjoy. It makes me think about how precious my job is and how long our work lives on through the love of my couples. 

During the reception, we snuck Allison and Andrew away to exchange gifts, since they wanted to share that moment together.  Allison gathered the sand from the very beach Andrew proposed and had it made into a tie clip for him. Very thoughtful. Andrew handmade (yes, handmade) a jewelry box for Allison. On the front of the box was a gold plate with the wedding day etched into it. Allison was absolutely speechless! She also opened a box of 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda. In the book, Andrew had an arrow to a particular poem he wanted Allison to read. She read it out loud. Tears came streaming down my face as I photographed these two.

“I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
I love you as the plant that never blooms
but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;
thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,
risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way
than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.”

Absolutely beautiful. If my words haven’t already conveyed how lovely this couple is, then that sonnet surely does! Not only did I have the joy of working with Allison as my bride, but I also got to photograph her sister’s engagement the weekend after the wedding. I just adore this whole family and I am so very honored that they asked me to be a part of their biggest moments in life thus far.

Congratulations Allison and Andrew! I’m so happy for you two!

Associate Photographer: Nicole Herztog
Day of Coordinator: Karin Holben of The Wimbish House
Venue: The Wimbish House
Hair and Makeup: Renee Locher
DJ: Nice Entertainment
Cake: Lush Cakery
Videography: Kevin Hursch Films
Catering: Endive Atlanta


Meredith and Collin's Piedmont Park Engagement Session


Meredith and Collin both attended the University of South Carolina, but it wouldn't be until after graduation that these two would finally meet. 

Meredith was working her usual shift at a local bar and grill in Columbia when a particular customer caught her attention. She knew Collin as a friend's friend, who had become a regular  and often wore a hat, but that's all Meredith knew. Determined to get to know the cute boy from the across the room, Meredith decided to introduce herself. On her night off, she set down her liquid encouragement, walked right up to Collin and said "Hi, I'm Meredith." Collin's response was, "I know."

Little did Meredith know, she had caught Collin's eye as well. From there, they were absolutely inseparable. One month after dating, Meredith landed a job in Atlanta. Collin had plans to move to Greenville and Atlanta wasn't exactly on his radar. They weren't sure what was going to happen in the near future for them. However, the first time Collin came to visit Meredith in Atlanta, he fell in love with the city. Six months later, Collin was moving. However, we all believe it's Meredith he fell more in love with and Collin says he would agree! 

After moving to Atlanta, Collin and Meredith were having a casual Friday date night. They got pizza for dinner and grabbed a drink at a nearby bar. Their apartment has a rooftop with a view of Buckhead so it's one of their favorite little spots. Collin had been chatting with Meredith about engagement quite a bit, asking questions about how she'd like for it to happen and so on. He continued this chat on top of their roof that night and Meredith told him she'd like it to be intimate, nothing fancy, and just the two of them. Collin, bright eyed and excited says, "Well....how about right now?!"

Meredith thought he was being facetious until he got down on one knee! He pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him! Just the two of them, a quite and intimate moment overlooking the city where they began building their lives together. Meredith said she cried her eyes out for a bit and then said, "YES!" 

Now that these two are wedding planning, I am SO honored to be a part of the process and their story! Collin picked their wedding venue for their ceremony and reception. They love its Southern charm and open feel so that everyone can intimately spend the whole day together. Know what venue it is? Yup, these two are taking me back to my favorite venue and where my husband and I said, I do this past fall, Little River Farms! 

Can't wait to celebrate these two in February!! 

Congratulations on your engagement, Meredith and Collin! 


Caroline + Bo | Married!


Caroline and Bo originally met in middle school. They connected their first year of high school and remained friends. After graduation, Bo left for the Marines and Caroline went to California for two years. After moving home, Bo's dad reached out to her about nannying his children (Bo's younger siblings). When Bo was home on leave, the two were able to reconnect.  Only this time, it would be forever! 

When Bo decided to propose, he took Caroline to his family's beach house in Florida. The house overlooks the 18th hole and Port St. Lucia, a gorgeous view! Bo told Caroline that they had to get a game of golf in before they left. So, on New Years Day, that's exactly what they did! When they made it to the 18th hole, Bo told her to putt. She missed and he asked her to take the flag out for him. Inside that 18th hole, Caroline discovered a ring box. Bo got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! His whole family was watching from the balcony and they had her family on video chat to watch the whole thing! 

On May 19th, Caroline and Bo tied the knot at Hawks Ridge Golf Club. Yes, my very own royal couple! It was the perfect venue as golf was a part of their engagement story.  Caroline & Bo were comfortable and familiar with the space as Bo's family is a member of the club. So, their wedding day really felt very at home. We had also shot their engagement pictures at the venue as well.  Just near the ceremony site were two beautiful cottages nestled right next to each other. Caroline and her girls were in one and Bo and his guys were in the other. It was the perfect location to hang out and get ready with their best friends! The backside of the venue overlooked the golf course and a beautiful lake. They danced the night away on the back porch and their guests had a blast! Caroline has one brother and gained so many wonderful sisters on her wedding day! Her Matron of Honor was Bo's older sister. I love that she is so close with his family.  I noticed throughout the reception that Bo and Caroline's mom would share inside jokes and many laughs with each other.  I went up to Caroline and pointed their direction and she said, I know, they just love each other! It was easy to see how well these two families will become one from here on out. Caroline and Bo have a wonderful support system behind them and I'm so happy that their wedding day was everything they wanted and more! 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. MacInnis! Thank you for letting me be a part of your story! 

Talented Team of Vendors
Second Photographer: Diana Bello (Thank you!)
Venue: Hawks Ridge Golf Club
Planner: Jamie Brickwell with 12th Table
Hair and Makeup: Greta, Allie and Megan
Floral Design: Camille + Gray
Specialty Rentals: 12th Table
Entertainment: Raynard
Cake: Frosted Pumpkin