Shelby's Bridal Shower

My best friend is getting married! It is really starting to sink in because her wedding date is October 21, 2016 and where is August going?! Her big day will be here before we know it! 

The bridesmaids and I helped host a bridal shower in Alex's beautiful home in Athens. Shelby said she had a wonderful time and that's really all we hoped for! But, our details really came together for this party. Even the flower petals we added to the top of the cakes, delicious and pretty! 

We had a coffee bar, things that pointed to her favorite TV show, Friends, and games! And doesn't she look beautiful?! We are so happy for you Shelby! Next stop....Nashville for the Bachelorette Party!!

If you want to check out where I got the details for the party, head over to Etsy to find the....
Gold glitter heart stirrers, doughnut engagement rings, the "Love is Brewing" floral print, the gold frame, and the custom made coffee sleeves.

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