David's Graduation Ceremony

A personal blog to explain how proud I feel!
David and I, originally, know of each other from high school. We officially met and dated in college. So, it feels like our whole lives together (so far) has been centered around school. Therefore, I have seen how hard this man has worked. David's graduation has been a long awaited event. He has been studying mechanical and aerospace engineering. No easy task. But, what I have admired the most was his ability to never give up. When I first met David, I noticed that quality in him right away. He used to tell me that he would work 10 jobs if he had to before he would ever fail himself or anyone he cared for.  I believe that and I see that him in everyday. He is dedicated, he is hard working, and he is smart. I am and always will be so proud of you, David! Can't wait to discover the road ahead with you! 

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