Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Have you ever looked back at an old picture and thought things like....Wow, look how little we were! I can't believe I wore that! We've changed so much." 

Well, I have! Reasons like that are why I love photography so much. Old photographs allow us to reminisce and compare the past life to present life. Before I knew how to manually work a camera, I was snapping pictures for the sole purpose of that, "I don't want to forget this moment" feeling. In other words, I wanted to document memories. The pictures you snap now will quickly become a memory.  Now, I know how change the aperture, shutter speed and ISO, but the basic need to document memories is still something that lives and breathes within me. Somewhere in there, I'm still a little girl with a disposable camera. 

I didn't know it in 2004, but the girls I snapped a homecoming picture with would become my forever sisters. As Brittany put it, we have been there for each other through absolutely everything, good and bad. These photo shoots have become a staple for us, a mark in our friendship as we conquer life together. You know what they say.. pictures tell a thousand words!

It's Kat's turn to take on England! She and her husband Chris move to London next month. We are going to miss you guys so much, but I know it will be the trip of a lifetime!   

Photos by Happy Everything Co. 
Make up by Make Me Up

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Abby Breaux Favorites-0043.jpg