Caitlin | Class of 2018


Caitlin and I were next door neighbors for over 10 years and I have seen her and her two sisters grow up into such beautiful young women.  How time flies by! 

Caitlin graduates in a matter of DAYS and I'm so excited for her! This South Forsyth Senior is off to Georgia College. She is stylish and has a passion for fashion. She also enjoys modeling! I mean, obviously she has so many different talents! I can't wait to see her make her mark on the world. She has her heart set on a career in Fashion Merchandising. 

Thank you for inviting me to a part of this chapter, Caitlin! I loved documenting your senior year! 

"Be bold enough to use  your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you've always imagined" 

Go get em' Caitlin! 


Jazmine | Class of 2018


Jazmine, a senior from Lambert High School, has such a bright future! She's a part of Habitat for Humanity, Beads of Hope, Clinical Internship, Sports Medicine Program, BETA, NHS, NSHS, and HOSA. With her eye set on studying in the field of healthcare, I have no doubt this girl will succeed! She certainly does have an eye for fashion too! Loved her outfits and outgoing personality! You are beautiful, Jazmine! Happy almost Graduation! 


Abi Swanson: Senior

I! Abi Swanson, you are stunning!

I attended the University of North Georgia with Abi's mom, Amanda. We took many different art classes together as I was studying photography and she was studying graphic design. It's been four years since my college graduation and now that her daughter is a senior in high school, she thought of me for her senior pictures! To me, that is just the biggest compliment. When I have people or friends that have followed me for years and call me when they have a need for a photo shoot, it just warms my heart and I really do appreciate every single of you! 

Abi is a senior at South Forsyth High school this year and is enjoying her last year with friends, hard work and cheerleading. She has her sights set on the University of Georgia and I have no doubt that she would excel there and absolutely love it! Abi, this last year of high school is such an exciting time! Enjoy college because those four years are unlike any other time in your life and it goes by quickly :) Can't wait to see where your future takes you, because I know it's a bright one! 

P.S. Yes, I think Abi could be a model too! I'm already predicting that you will be thinking that once you look through this blog! :P

Hair and Makeup by the talented Ariana Chedgy with Make Me Up.

David's Senior Portraits

As summer rolled around, my boyfriend's graduation date was fast approaching and I really wanted to do some senior portraits of him. We woke up really early one morning and made it happen! We have been so busy lately, but I am glad we took advantage of the morning sunshine glow that day! 

It was my goal to have him happy and relaxed in front of the camera, because well, he knows me so why wouldn't he be comfortable?! Although, it was really early, but pulled through those yawns like a champ! At one point I started to quote/sing Miss Congeniality's "You want to hug me. You want to kiss. You want to marry me." That got him! 

So happy to have these images of him! He looks handsome doesn't he?!